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If you're my friend and met my dad, you would understand this...

My dad comes home from the doctors and I'm washing the make up off my face from this morning and he goes. WHAT DID YOU DO WHILE I WAS GONE? I said I played with the digi. He runs in the computer and goes thru the digi. He's like let me see your legs and arms. I went why? He's like let me fucking see them. So i showed them him and I was like what are you looking for? he's like seeing if you hacked up ur body....and i was like wtf was that for?!?! he's like why did you take pictures of urself and i was like mom asked me to play with the cam and figure things outs with the controls...and he's like liar. I asked him if i have any privacy and he's like no. I can ask you questions, go thru ur pc, go thru ur room if i want too. I told him that i was out of this fucking house if it's like this. And he's feeding me this bullshit that all parents are like this. BULLSHIT.

Is anybodies parents like this? I mean this is starting to piss me off. I really hate my house now. I really don't have any privacy. They go thru my computer, not my room yet, but I'm sure they will. They ask me a million questions.

igjgjdkgjkd i fucking hate you, Dad.
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