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I'm still in love with you. I remember it was summer; I was out of my head

So, today...school got cancelled. We only have half a foot of snow. Oh well, I got to sleep in. I have a test tomorrow. I think I should study, but I am just too lazy.

Here's a story I'm starting to write. PLEASE COMMENT ON IT!

Background for my story.
Emily moves all the way down the coast, with her mother, father and little sister. Her dad found a better job in North Carolina then the one he had is Ma. Emily arrives in NC around the end of the school year. Her littler sister Amy, makes tons of friends within days, Emily on the other hand, is anti-social, she did make one friend Jeremy and they never seem to leave eachother side. She's afraid to make more friends. She left behind her best friends in Ma, for change and she regrets it.

Part One

"Come on you guys, time to wake up" Her mom said as she turned off Emily's stero. Jeremy moved his arm to wave at Jen. "Morning, Jeremy" Jen said as she left the room. Emily heard her mom's car start and pull out of the drive way.

"Hun, you awake?" Jeremy asked as he kissed her cheek. Emily slowly open her eyes.
"Yea" she mumbled. Jeremy kissed her lightly on the lips, Emily kissed back. Jeremy got up and grabbed his shirt off the floor and put it on. Emily pulled him towards her. "Don't get dress yet, Jeremy." She said smiling. Jeremy smiled back as he kissed her again.
"We got to get ready, I got a test the first period." He said as he pulled up his pants. Emily got up and headed to the bathroom.
"No shower for you?" She asked him. He nodded as he looked in the mirror and fixed his hair and fixed his eyeliner. Emily took one of the quickest shower.

When they got to school, they had to split up. Emily went to her honor classes as Jeremy ran to his history class for his test. Emily, always sat in the back of her classes. She was rather smart. Jeremy was the only person who accepted for who she was. He didn't care about her past, he loved her, and Emily loved him back.

Emily saw Jeremy at lunch, but he was sitting with his friends, she walked up to him.
"Everyone, this is Emily" He told them, they all waved. She couldn't help but noticed they were all wearing band tee's. She met eyes with a girl wearing a Korn tshirt. Emily smiled. Jeremy got her a chair and put it next to him. She sat down and closed her eyes. "You tired hun?" Jeremy asked concerned.
"Yea...last night wore me out" She smiled and Jeremy kissed her.

When they got home, Emily threw her bag on the floor and headed to the kitchen amd ate an apple. Jeremy went upstairs to take a shower. Emily went into her room, with her bag and took out her books to start on her homework, as Jeremy walked in a towel. Emily looked at him.
"Jeremy, are you trying to seduce me?" Emily got up as Jeremy walked towards her. She couldn't help but smile.
"Never." He said right before he kissed her. Soon, Emily's pants came off, along with the rest of her clothes and Jeremy's towel came off as well. They fell asleep in each other arms a few hours later.

Part Two

Emily woke up gasping for air. Jeremy sat up quickly, holding Emily tightly in his arms.

"It's okay, hun...it was only a nightmare." He said as he kissed her forehead. Her eyes were full of fear. "Emily, talk to me...please"

He was getting concerned. Emily closed her eyes as tears fell down her cheeks, Jeremy wipped her tears away. He picked her up and walked to the bathroom and turned on the water, he climbed in the shower holding her. The hot water calmed her a bit. She closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder. After a while he got out with her and brought her back into her room, layed her on her bed. He grabbed some clothes for her and got her dressed. He looked her in the eyes, her eyes still full of fear.
"Emily, tell me, what you saw...I'm here. Nothing is going to hurt you"
"I saw him...he was going to rape me...again" Jeremy knew who she was talking about..he frowned and kissed her. She didn't kiss back.
"He's locked up, he can't hurt you"
"He's in my dreams!" She screamed as she started to dig her nails in her skin.
"EMILY STOP! CALM DOWN!" Jeremy pinned her down to the bed...she screamed and cried. He needed to call Jen...fast and soon. He was afraid to let her go. He knew she could cause a lot of damage to herself. He saw the phone sitting on her desk. "Emily, listen...I'm letting you go, and I'm going to call for help. Promise me you will stay on this bed." Emily looked him in the eyes and nodded...he got up fast and grabbed the phone. He called her mom and pinned Emily back down on the bed.

"Jen, you have to get here quick. Emily is having one of those things again...She's getting out of control." Jeremy said in fear.
"I'll be there in 5." She hung up.

Jeremy rested his head on Emily's chest. "Shhhh, it's okay Emily. I'm here and I'm not going to let him get you. I love you Emily"

Part 3

Jen ran up the stairs. She ran into Emily's room and found Jeremy lying on the floor and Emily ontop of him. "EMILY! GET OFF OF HIM!" Jen ran over and picked her daughter off Jeremy. She looked down and saw Jeremy wrist were sliced open. Jen didn't know what to do. Emily kicked and screamed.
"Let me go!!!!! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!" Emily started crying when she saw Jeremy. Jen put Emily down...and watched Emily crawl over to Jeremy and rest his head on her lap.
"Jeremy, hun...talk to me...I'm sorry." Emily said as tears fell down her cheeks like rivers. He put his hand on her cheek and pulled her down and kissed her. Jen called 911 and soon Jeremy was off to the hospital. Emily layed on her bedroom floor.

Part 4

Emily went to school the next week. She felt so alone. People were talking about what happen to Jeremy. People were saying he was attacked, people were saying he tried killing himself. Emily knew what happen...she wanted to scream out and tell the world...but she was afriad she would get locked up again. She moved her, to be away from him. She ran out of the school...she dropped everything and ran as fast as she could, she ran to a field. She layed down and looked at the sky. She closed her eyes and went back through her mind. Trying to figure everything out.

She heard police, and people screaming "She's over here! She doesn't look so good either." She slowly opened her eyes and saw people all around her.
"Who...are...you?" She said.
"You're fine now. You've been missing for a few days." A guy said. Emily, didn't believe it. She looked at her body...she was bloody.
"Why am I covered in blood?!?!" Emily screamed. She sat up quickly. A guy grabbed hold of her.
"Calm down. You're safe now." He injected something into her and everything got blurry.

Part 5

She woke up and tried moving her arms. They were tied down. She groaned. Her body ached. She saw her mom walk in the room with Jeremy. Jeremy ran over to her and hugged her. She smiled.
"I'm so sorry" She whispered, he put a finger to her lips and smiled. He acted as if nothing happen. She looked at his wrist. They were all wrapped up. She frowned. Then she looked down and saw her arms and legs wrapped up.
"They found you in a field. You brought a razor with you and you cut your body up, if they didn't find you....I would have lost you" Jeremy said as he kissed her with all his love....she kissed back.

I'm thinking of a friend cut. If you want to stay comment...on this entry.

So, today I did nothing but sit on the computer. I didn't eat much. I had a bagel and water then I had a piece of bread. My mom asked why I wasn't eatting and I told her I'm not hungry.

I saw both of my therapist today. I got a higher dose on Wellbutrin(150mg to 300mg) So exciting. Anyways...that was my day pretty much.

Yesturday...well last night I went to the movies and saw Blade 3. Holy shit, good movie, good music. We were going to sneak in to see another movie, but I had to get home...plus it was snowing out pretty bad.

Well, I'm out.


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