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This thing I wrote...tell me what you think...=)

I promise more. =) All about different topics too.

The Anarchist
Written By Raquel

Think About It
As we all know the world is full of stereotypes. A lot of people hate the label they are in, or they love it so much. I personally don’t mind the label I’m in. I feel as if I do somewhat fit in it. Let’s take apart some stereotypes and see if everything is how people say it is.

Jocks-Take Josh as an example, he plays Football, I’m sure he’s good at it too. He gets good grades; well he has to so he can stay on the team. Well, Friday December 3rd, 2004 he was caught cheating. Now, the jock stereotype is known as they earn their grades. Now I ask myself, did Josh pay people of the answer. Now, what are the consequences to cheating, suspended or expelled, or internal? It’s all of them, added with detention and you get kicked off the team. Now, damn doesn’t that sound great?

Preps-I can’t name some preps, because I personally don’t want shit started with me. There are as innocent as they look. They can be little whores, sluts or potheads. Yes, potheads, I’m sure you would have never guessed that. Most of the preps I talk to are rather nice the ones that hate me are the snotty spoiled bitches, who get what they want when they want. They are not what the stereotype says they are. Happy, good grades, don’t do drugs, smart, and so forth.

Goths-Why am I talking about Goths? Well, because I was put into the stereotype along with freak, loser, outcast, and loner. I love the stereotype I’m in. It fits me just as well as my personality does. Now, people say Goths are stoners, drug addicts, failures, depressing, alone, angry people. Now, take me and a few of my friends. I am well, somewhat happy, I get awesome grades (Well, to me they are awesome), I’m not a stoner nor am I a drug addicted. I’m not alone, I’m surrounded by friends who care. We are the people hate, but people love us. Why? Because we are not afraid to speak what is on our mind, or not afraid to be who we are. I am proud to put myself in this stereotype.

Those are just a few stereotypes; mainly the school has many other ones. Such as, stoners, hippie, emo, punk, goth, prep, jock, loner, freak, outcast, geek, band geeks, nerds, and so much more. I have friends in ALL kinds of stereotypes. To me, I don’t judge a book by it’s cover, I open it up and take the time to read it. I’m not embarrassed of the friends I have. I love them more than anything.

To end this Think About It, I want you all to think about the stereotype you fall in and the reason why you are in it. I also want you to think about the world itself, if there were NO stereotypes….would we be better off without labels?
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